Sexy Homemade Where’s Waldo Costume

So for Halloween this year, I wanted to be something different than the typical bunny, nurse, cop, etc. so I decided I was gonna be Waldo from the “where is Waldo” books that I used to look through as a kid. Of course at my age and going to a Halloween party I had to put a sexy spin on it.

The costume is really easy to do. All you need is a red and white striped shirt, black or blue bottoms, a red/white beanie and some glasses. Luckily I had everything laying around my house except for the hat and glasses. Living in Florida, it’s kinda hard to find beanies so I just bought the actual hat and glasses from the Waldo costume.

Anyways, this costume was a HUGE hit at the party, everyone grabbed me to take pictures with them so I couldn’t really photobomb as much as I wanted too, lol, if you don’t have a red/white striped shirt you can always take a solid red shirt and cut thin strips of white duct tape and place it on the shirt. Pair the whole costume with a sexy pair of heels and some scarlet red lipstick and you’re set to be the sexiest Waldo at the party. Hope you enjoyed my costume!

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    • Marie2498

      Where did u buy your striped shirt from? I don’t have one and can’t find one anywhere surprisingly ! Please respond as soon as possible . Anything helps. Thx

      • sammi

        I actually googled red and white stripe shirt and found it on amazon.

        • Ally

          Can you provide the link please? I’m not finding a short sleeve one. Thanks :)

    • sophie

      Can I buy that striped shirt from you? I can’t find one anywhere

    • susan

      Where did you buy the glasses and hat from?

    • Hanna

      Where did you get that shirt? It looks perfect!


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