Awesome Homemade Sloth Costume

Last Halloween, my family and I got invited to a costume party, which was also having a costume contest. I was very excited because I wanted to go as my favorite animal, a sloth. My mother and I went to every single costume store around town looking for fake fur fabric, which was the hardest part since a lot of fabric stores around don’t have grey fake fur fabric. Luckily we came across a thick gray fur fabric at Jo-Anns crafts and supplies. It was perfect!

So three weeks before the party, my mom and I found costume design cut outs of a koala bear, which was perfect because all we had to do was edit the design a bit. After 2 weeks of constant sewing and shedding fake fur, the costume was done. I put it on and my mother and I laughed because I LOOKED AWESOME!!! We were really proud of how it turned out.

The day of the costume party I added make-up to it and then headed off. The reactions I got were amazing! Everyone loved it! They said I looked like a giant sloth walking through the room. As for the costume contest, I GOT FIRST PLACE!!  I was so excited! On Halloween, I wore it and people kept calling me Sloth Boy. Some people gave me extra candy for my creativity! This costume has created some great memories for me, plus it also gave me the best Halloween ever!

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    • Melissa

      Hi! This is the best costume ever I’ve ever seen ever. Is there any chance you still have it? Can I rent it from you??

      • ryan

        Hi Melissa! I do still have the costume, but my friend already rented it for Halloween. :(


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