Easy Homemade Scuba Steve from Big Daddy Costume

Hello Scuba Steve here… This costume was an easy one to make. I made it out of cardboard and yellow duct tape. If you don’t know who Scuba Steve is he is a little action figure in the movie “Big Daddy” staring Adam Sandler. In the movie you see Adam Sandler dressed as Scuba Sam, Suba Steve’s father I got the idea from that. It looked really easy. Which it was…

I took a red under armor shirt and duct tapped a yellow triangle on it. I drew on two S’s for the scuba Steve symbol. I took two cardboard tubes and tapped those together, I then found a snorkel and some goggles. I went to a bar and tried to win the costume contest but I lost. I did take a bunch of pictures with a lot of people though. All of my friends told me this was an original costume.

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