Best Homemade Dog Pirate Costume

This is Bob dressed up as Jack Sparrow and his Pirate. They are carrying their treasure chest loaded with booty!
The front part of Bob’s costume is a pirate costume that I bought and modified to fit his chest. The hat and wig were purchased also, I just added elastic to hold it on his head. The treasure chest is a big cardboard box painted to look like wood. I took a piece of poster-board to make a dome on the top. Added upholstery nails for looks. I put a false bottom in it that rests on his back and put packing peanuts under a garbage bag to mound it up. Then I hot glued plastic gold coins all over the top of the plastic bag so you couldn’t see the bag. Then I hot glued a few gems and pearls to it. I extended the back of the box so I could put a mannequin head on it that rests on his butt. Bought another pirate costume and altered it to fit his back legs and tie the neck piece around the mannequins neck. Put a hat and wig on the head and applied makeup to make it look like a pirate face. Very lightweight about 5 – 6 lbs.

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    • Kim

      That is a great costume

    • Susan

      Very Nice Can you make me one?

    • Krystal Morris

      Do you make/sell these! I would love one for my dog!

      • Newfy

        I am going to make a video of how to make this costume.

        • Shawn

          Are you still going to make the how to video? Also do you have exact name for mannequinn head used and the rear end costume used. I am having a tough time finding similar life like head with color and ears.

          • Newfy

            The mannequin head I bought at Hobby Lobby and put makeup on it. The two costumes I bought on Amazon and altered it to fit his body. Haven’t gotten around to the video yet. Sorry.


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