Homemade Black Swan Halloween Costume

This was my Black Swan costume for 2011. After I saw the film I wanted to do the costume and also a lot of people started telling me that I look like Natalie Portman. I already had the pointe shoes and tights. I bought a rehearsal tutu online. Then I bought a zipper up corset from Charolette Russe and used black crushed velvet and sewed a top that wrapped over the corset.

Then hot glued black feathers, silver gems, and silver sequins that I darkened with watered down black acrylic paint onto the velvet. I also left a lot of the messy glue on it to give it that melted and evil look. Then I bought a cheap sequin crown and darkened it with watered down black acrylic paint. Painted my hands and used the makeup tutorial from Michelle Phan on YouTube to do my own makeup.

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    • lolita1215

      This looks amazing! Question, could you tell me the specific name/brand of the tutu? There’s so many online I don’t know which to get, but this one looks great. Let me know if you do. Thanks!

      • Alyssa

        got it on discountdance.com
        Sansha Adult Rehearsal Tutu Skirt


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