Easy Homemade Jellyfish Costumes

I love Halloween! I love to make costumes for my kids that take time, planning, and attention to detail. Luckily, my kids love to dress up and do not mind their crazy mother putting them in outrageous costumes.

I start planning each year in August for the big night. I have this years’ costumes all planned (thanks in large part to a costume I saw on your website). But, these pictures are from last year’s Halloween.

I ordered a large Styrofoam ball (hollow and in 2 pieces) to use as the top. I used a foam floral wreath underneath to “sit” on their heads with a ribbon tied under their chins.

Next, I used a large needle and thread to “hang” the tentacles to the underside of the Styrofoam ball. I used several different ribbons and zig-zag (pink and orange for one and green and blue for the other) for a more textured look. I used the same needle and thread to secure my LED lights to the outer side of the ball, I secured the battery pack on the back underside of the Styrofoam.

Then, I covered each top with chiffon material in coordinating colors, making sure to leave it light and fluffy looking, like a jellyfish.

We won our local Halloween Costume Contest for the 4th straight year!! Success!!

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    • TJ

      I Loooooooove love this costume and I really want to make it myself but I’m having a hard time picturing how exactly you made them “sit” on your head. Is there any way you could take a picture of the underside or explain in further detail? Im sorry but I love your idea and want to do something similar myself!

    • Jen F.

      Where do you buy the styrofoam ball? I’m having trouble finding one this large.

    • Stephanie

      What kind of lights did you use?


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