Warrior Halloween Costume 100% Recycled made of Cardboard, Wrappers and Paper Plates

My 8 years old daughter wearing a homemade Robot Halloween  costume. I made this costume,when the time she liked to join in recycled materials costume in her school.It resulted in winning the competition. She won cosplay champion dress up. For the Robot costume, I used cardboard box for her body and feet. I covered with biscuit wrappers. Her wings are made out of paper plate. Her sword is made out of cardboard with scrap foam. I also used lots of scotch tape, then plastic garbage for her supporter in her body.

The first thing I did was measure her body before cutting the cardboard and cover it with biscuit wrappers and put scotch tape on it. The wings, I put the paper plate in the silver plastic then put scotch tape. Her head is from cardboard box also and her horns are made out of scrap foam.

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    • Paul Penney

      Very good job! and so original.


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