Homemade Sexy Squirrel Costume

I made the tail just as I would a pillow and put elastic straps on it to wear like a backpack. Then I made an awesome tutu and hot glued some acorns to it! I also made boot covers and ears from the same fur I used for the tail. I would wear this everyday of my life if I could!!

  • Costume Ideas Brainstormer
    • Amy

      Can you go into detail about how you made the tail?

    • Allison White

      really cute, and you can pass some peanuts out…

    • Katelyn Cooper

      nice work! I have one in the works myself! i decided to google
      “sexy squirrel costume” to see if it had been done before and found you…inspirational! maybe I’ll post a picture of mine on here.

    • amy

      Where did you find material for the tutu?


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