Best Wayne and Garth Costume for a Couple

For Wayne: We ordered an official Wayne’s World Hat from eBay, bought a mullet wig and plain black shirt from Walmart, went to a used clothing store for the tightest jeans that we could find (so tight that he couldn’t fasten them!), we ripped the knees of course and wore a pair of converse-looking sneakers. For Garth: I got a plaid shirt from Walmart and got loose men’s jeans from a used clothing store. Everything else was stuff I already had or borrowed!

The wig was in the Halloween stash at my parent’s place (left over from the 90’s), the t-shirt was a shirt I got for a pub crawl, the black watch and drumsticks I borrowed from one friend, the converse sneakers from the other and the glasses are RealD 3-D glasses from the theater that I popped the lens out of and used some silver nail polish to add detailing on them. I wore a sports bra to try and hide the girls and look more like a boy…

So many people commented on how much they loved our costumes and also how well we were acting! We acted like the two of them as much as we could. There was some “foxy dance” happening, a lot of “Party On Wayne; Party on Garth”, and I had a Dixie cup in my pocket and said “If you’re gunna spew, spew inta this” occasionally. On the way home in the morning we were still dressed in our costumes and “Bohemian Rhapsody” came on the radio and we re-enacted the same scene in the car in the movie!  We won the prize for best costume at our house party!

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