Coolest Homemade Cruella De Vil Costume

With the exception of the coat and dead dog purse all the pieces of this costume were purchased individually and then put together. The coat is really just two pieces of fabric (furry and red lining) sewn together much like a blanket and then I stitched the corners together to create an overcoat look. The dog purse was an inexpensive stuffed animal that I cut open and removed most of the batting. I hot glued a tiny purse within the stuffed animal so it was completely functional; I then added the black felt X\’s (X_X) & limp tongue to make the animal appear dead. Fun costume, and not too much work; everyone loved it!

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    • chuckobscure .

      You look like Kaley Cuoco


    Adult/Teen Cost: $50-$100 Creative / Artistic Cruella De Vil Disney Individual Woman/Girl Costume More Than a Week Sexy