Coolest Homemade Purple Evil Minion Costume from Despicable Me

Materials Needed

  • tall large cylinder laundry basket/hamper
  • camping foam mat
  • purple felt material
  • black materials
  • old bowl to cut for eye goggle
  • white craft foam
  • 2 purple wigs
  • hot glue gun/lots of glue sticks
  • scissors, cutting tools
  • silver paint
  • material measuring tape


  1. Measure where the arm holes should be on the laundry basket and cut enough room for child to move arms and cut a hole for the goggle too
  2. Measure and cut camping foam to fit around the laundry basket, be sure to cut the arm holes in the camping foam too
  3. Measure circumference around the basket,camping foam needs to be attached with the hot glue
  4. Cut purple material to fit around the shell of the costume/ for the lid of basket too
  5. Cut old bowl to fit in the hole cut for the goggle/ use silver paint to cover it, when it dries, hot glue it into the hole
  6. Measure around the top part of costume and cut a piece of black material about 1″ 1/2 for the goggle strap/ hot glue around top of costume
  7. For the overalls, measure piece of black material and cut about a 1′ depending on child’s height and attach so it hangs loose, cut another piece for pocket and make an m shape and glue it on the pocket
  8. Glue purple felt on the lid, cut wigs so they lay flat on the wig, then hot glue them
  9. Have child try on costume to measure where to put the straps to hold up costume, face should be where the goggle is to easily see where they are going
  10. All done

Make sure to be extra careful with hot glue!! Have a few burns to prove it!! My son having a cool costume is definitely worth it!!

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    • A.J.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a purple evil minion, but you have made the impossible occur, making a purple evil minion costume! Way cool!

      • Heather

        It’s from the movie commercials in the theater.

      • msminion

        No, it’s from the Despicable Me 2. They ate the jam that turns them evil.

    • Anj

      Too Cute. Thinking about doing this for my twins. how did you make the teeth? Extra foam pieces covered in white material? were they hot glued between foam and basket?

    • TD

      my son has been asking for this costume for Halloween. thanks for the tips.

    • Becca1313

      Yes, Anj, I did use extra foam then covered it with thinner white foam and then cut a hole in the camping foam for mouth, then I glued black material to cover basket then glued teeth on top of that, hope I helped

    • Debbie

      What are the teeth made out of?

    • Raushanah

      What a wonderful and creatively made costume! My daughters have been asking to be minions since they’ve seen the 2 Dispicable Me movies!! Am I reading the directions wrong or am I confusing myself, but where are the leg holes? Is the laundry basket upside down? Does the laundry basket not have a bottom or a top?? I am confused…please explain! Thanks so much!!

    • Lynn

      Love your idea!! We are trying to create a similar costume based on your genius :)
      How did you position the laundry basket? did you totally cut off the bottom of it? is is upside down?
      thanks so much for any additional guidance.

    • Chickaboom25

      Outstanding! My 4 year old grandson wants to be a purple minion this year and the ready-made costumes are kind of lame. This will be great! Thank you!

    • Mom23

      There are a lot of steps missing in your directions (arms, moth/teeth) & for noncreative people like me, this can be tough! But I’ll do my best – this looks great!


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