Last Minute Homemade Costume: Ariel the Little Mermaid

Well, the costume was simple and quick to make but super effective. Everyone clocked straight away that we had come as mermaids, whether it be Ariel or not. I just purchased myself a hi-lo skirt from eBay, which was about £5 so rather cheap. I didn\’t want to wear a bra on top as I felt it was too revealing so to make the bralet top I used a bandeau and purchased a metre of cheap polyester satin. I gathered this up the middle and moved the gathers to ensure they covered the bandeau, I then tried it on and pinned it under the arms so I knew where to tack, I haven\’t got a picture of the back but I just tied the remained satin into a bow so that it was tight enough and kept the bandeau in place. Make up wise I used all the green and blue eyeshadow I own and some crayons, I have sets by Front Cover so didn\’t need to purchase anything. I had green and blue eyeshadow all over me and used crayons to give the scale effect, I then used eyelash glue to apply sequins to also look like scales. The costume was received so well at the party and I definitely hope to rewear it at some point, quick, simple, CHEAP but still good. Its ashame I only have one good photo of the costume.

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