Coolest Homemade Tornado Costume Idea

My son comes up with some crazy ideas.  He loves weather, especially tornado’s, so that’s what he wanted to be.  I started with a base of chicken type wire rolled to make the shape.  Covered it with Halloween spider webs. Lightly sprayed it with gray spray paint. Then attached small toys like cars, trees, animals.  Also added in some twigs and dried leaves. His sister went as Dorothy which made a fun combination.

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    • Cass

      how did he wear it? was there a harness underneath? love the idea! want to make one this year :-)

      • Cindy

        I used a couple of my husbands old belts inside to hold it up on his shoulders.

        • Alicia Dullen Heneka

          What did you use on his head?

    • Jen

      Awesome costume, we are making it this year. I can’t wait to see my son wear it! Thank you for the idea!

    • Amanda

      I used webbing around a tomato cage but what kind of spray can I use to get it to hold it’s shape ?
      Was hoping to take it off the cage.

    • Alicia Dullen Heneka

      I’m making it for my son. Love it!

    • magilla71

      OK, You Win.


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