Headless DIY Harry Potter and Hermione Costumes (and a Little Mustache)

My twin girls were obsessed with all things Harry Potter, while my six year old could not get enough of mustaches.  We came up with the headless idea as I had decided to go as a headless bride that year.  The body was made from duct tape.  I simply had the twins wear a turtle neck and covered their torsos in silver duct tape.  I cut them out by cutting them back.  I then taped up the seam and filled the body with the stuffing I got from an old pillow. I got a pair of gloves from the Dollar shop and filled them with stuffing too.  I used a backpack to secure the body.  Bought a cheap wig for Harry and a shirt and tie combo from Walmart.  The girls already had the cloaks so we were good.

The mustache costume was simply made from foam rubber. I cut it out, spray painted and attached it with mustache suspenders.  so cute and easy…

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