Awesome DIY Costume for Two Girls: Two Sea Stars

My adventure began with my two nieces’, Kate and Stephanie, wanting to be “Sea Stars” for Halloween 2012.  My sister, Rosemary, and I had been making the girls costumes for quite a few years, but this time Rosemary was going on a month long vacation during the construction of the costumes.  Before she left we talked about how we might construct our “Sea Stars”.  We shopped for the fabric and then she went on her merry way! (She did bring the girls beautiful matching mask from Venice to complete the costumes.)

I thought what have I got myself into!!!  My husband, Rick, helped to make a pattern for the “Sea Star”.  Then the process of cutting, ironing, gathering, sewing, and stuffing began.  There is something that you must understand: before this I had always been the crazy assistant!  All I could think was that I was over my head!!!

I think the three most challenging things about these costumes where making the pattern, cutting the face out of the fabric, and gathering all of the sparkling net fabric.  My husband says we are still vacuuming up the sparkles!

The reaction to the costumes was amazing to me.  My niece, Kate (orange), and Stephanie (red), were thrilled with their “Sea Stars”.  They danced around like little ballerina!  I knew that they had turned out well, but when people were asking my sister-in-law, Pam, to rent them for next year I knew they were good.  My “Sea Stars” even made the January 2013 School play!!

Making my nieces’ costumes has turned out to be one of the things I look forward to most!  It lets my creative juices flow, and then I watch them smile.  Isn’t that what life is all about?

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    • Pam

      They are no doubt some of the cutest costumes the girls have had, but they were also very comfortable for them to wear which was a bonus!

    • Cindy Frost

      How do you make these? I can make a pattern and the face – and the fringe I get. But how do I get the fabric to stand up like that?

    • Gladys Bateman

      How do you get the fabric to stand up?


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