Cool and Simple Homemade Poison Ivy Costume

I made this costume out of a Forever 21 dress that was like 9.99. It was a black tight dress with one sleeve. I bought fake leafs,  different type of greens. I got them at the Dollar Tree store. I used rhinestones, and gold glitter,  lots of glitter! I used a hot glue gun to put it all together. I glued the leafs all over the  dress, I even got a bangel bracelet and glued the leafs too.

I got a head band and also glued leafs and rhinestones.  I added glitter all over while the glue was still hot. I also did my make up and yes, I glued leafs right above my eyebrows with hair extension glue, did my eye shadow green,  added glitter and rhinestones, I glued those too! I even added a clear and glitter nail polish on top of my eyebrows so it can stick and glitter more. I also glued rhinestones all over my body randomly and I glued those with fake nail glue.

I had fun and got a lot compliments, the day after it was terrible,  taking off any kind of glue from your body is painful!! Lol.

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      Omg. are absolutely beautiful!! I love your costume and think you did a perfect job. My little girl is named Ivy so we thought being Poison Ivy would be a great idea this year. You took the cake though. I love how the leaves look like they are a part of your face. And your hair is perfect, too. You really did a beautiful job!! Every detail is spectacular. Maybe I will try this costume this year for my girl…if not, I will help her do it another year. You did a fantastic job!!


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