Homemade Couple Costume Idea: The Nun and the Rebel

This Nun and the Rebel costume idea came to be out of desperation but turned out great in the end.  We made a trip to the thrift store and we found our inspiration and came away with most of our costume.  The black dress, the amazing, silver, nagahide pants, and the shirt with the printed saying, such a score!  Just had to buy a few accessories to go along with it.

At the party, everyone loved our costume because it represented us as a couple so well.  I made the perfect angel and my husband’s wild side came out when he put on the black wig (he’s almost bald!), plus he’s always dreamed of wearing black eye-liner.  Under my snood I had my hair in gorgeous curls and as the night wore on the holy nun became a wild girl after a while.  So who, ended the night as more of a rebel?  I’ll never tell…

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