Coolest Monsters Inc. Family Costume: Boo, Sully, Mike (and Mike’s Bulging Eyeball Pregnant Belly!)

So each year, I make costumes for my family. At the time, I had a two year old and was 7 months pregnant. I wanted another Pixar theme so I made Monsters Inc. costumes. Plus I found a great way to incorporate my then in the womb daughter!

She was Mike Wazowski’s eyeball (posterboard, stretch fabric, cardboard and black belt to tie on). My son was Boo in the purple costume like in the movie (papier mache, purple fabric, yarn and styrofoam eyeballs). And my husband was Sully (painted lab suit, blue tail with paper spikes and horns and eyes for the hood). It was a success.

We got funniest and best costumes of the night as well as countless comments on Facebook. It was fun. No one really noticed I was pregnant! Well, later it clicked with them my pregnant belly was the eyeball!

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    • Megan Barton

      pretty clever with the eye!

    • Giselle Lopez

      You guys look super adorable. That was my daughters first choice but she changed it to just being a princess :)


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