The Most Fabulous Rain Cloud Costume for a Girl

My daughter Katie and I were inspired to make this rain cloud costume by a Russian doll that we found on Pintrest while searching for Halloween costume ideas. She wanted a a one of a kind costume and this was it. I was happy to oblige since it was something we could do together, just the two of us. While our original inspiration was gloomier and decidedly male we knew we were onto something here. We struck gold when by sheer chance we stumbled upon an old eighties prom dress and the rest is history.

We started out with a modified eighties taffeta and tulle prom dress. With a few snips here, a tuck or two here, (and a lot of sewing) we had the base for our costume. We used a garage sale find, a wide brimmed woven straw hat, as our basis for the cloud and then draped, glued and sewed yards upon yards of tulle on top of it. After that we strung plastic beads and crystals at various lengths to make the rain drops and attached them to the hat with small metal rings. Gray satin ribbon were attached to keep the hat on and give it that vintage Victorian feel.

The costume has received nothing but great reactions. When the sun hits the beads and crystals the reaction is remarkable. Prisms and reflections hit every where and makes the costume really come to life. What is more important though is how Katie feels when she wears it. She feels proud that she came up with an idea and helped make it come to life.

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    • Shannon Reach

      Where did you get the beading please? Thanks!

    • Shannon Reach

      Awesome costume by the way!


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