Cool Homemade Ninja Turtle’s Shredder Costume Made in 3 Days!

I made this Ninja Turtle’s Shredder costume as sort of last minute thing it cost me around 25 Euros. I used paper mâché to make the helmet and just stuck on cardboard spikes onto old football shin guards, the cloak is just a cheap blanket and I used fabric glue to make it more cape like, and then a good helping of chrome spray paint. I got some long black fabric and fashioned a belt out of it. I bought a long top made for ladies and used it as shredders t shirt thingy. I had black shoes also, the shoulder pads were made from a 2 liter coke bottle. I cut it in half and stuck the cardboard spikes on and that was it.

This was for a friend’s party and was a great success. I used some ideas on how to make it from some of the costumes on here. Thanks for the help Craig.

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