Cool DIY Barf Costume from Spaceballs

I am a big fan of Spaceballs and it just seemed a no brainer to attempt a Barf costume.

With a lot of help from my wife, my mother, and a dvr (to rewatch it a few times), we pulled off this costume.

We had to fabricate the feet, tail, arms, and ears using faux fur, batting, wire, and velcro. The expression, is all my own…

The reactions have been priceless. One friend thought John Candy showed up at his party and another friend wondered how I got an off set photo of John Candy.

As one friend of mine wrote: You (expletive) nailed it!

I have been so overwhelmed by the support of my friends that I am actually taking this thing public and wearing it to a local comicbook convention this upcoming weekend.



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    • Al Toop


      Good job you done on your barf costume.

      I’m also making a barf costume for the London film & comic con on this october but i’m having problems in finding a wig.

      May i ask where did you get your wig from?

      I appreciate any help that you can give me on this.




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