Cool Dog and Owner Couple Costume: Lion Tamer and Her Ferocious Lion!

My sweet puggle was the inspiration for my costume this year. The circus came to town and my twin, six-year old nieces couldn’t stop talking about the smelly lion. They also refer to my puggle as stinky cheese-ball. The two ideas came to my husband and we couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of my dog as a lion. She is far from ferocious and doesn’t know a stranger, but she plays the part of a lion very well!

The costume was really fun to make! A beautiful bright red 90s dress from the local thrift store was a perfect start for my jacket. Lots of glue, tons of sequins, and a few trips to wal-mart and I completed the look pretty quickly. Shelbie (my puggle) is the perfect prop and her lion mane was altered just a little to fit.

My friends and I went out to a local bar and my costume, really my lion, was a huge hit! She didn’t love the costume but she did love the attention. Best costume I’ve ever made. Happy Halloween!

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    • NEILSexyGranny

      This is my inspiration this year!! Thanks for posting! Picked up a red blazer from a thrift store today, and found mesh stockings and sequin suspenders (which I will cut up!) at our local Goodwill! So excited! Now for the dogs!


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