Cutest and Easiest Homemade Minion Costume for All Ages

Minions are so cute! Easy cheap costume idea for all ages!  Yellow hat, socks, shirt, navy blue leggings and apron and black gloves. For the hat I used pipe cleaners and stuck them right through the top!

Made the Gru decal on the apron out of felt. The goggles were a little tricky! Purchase cheap glasses from any Dollar store and take the lenses out! I used the rims from Styrofoam cups and paper for the big goggle eyes! Glue everything together,  paint with silver/grey!

I added some nuts to the sides with a glue gun! If you can’t find yellow or blue clothes anywhere you can always purchase anything in white and just dye the clothing right in your washing machine! That’s what I did! Easy and inexpensive!

We got so many reactions from wearing these costumes!  The yellow is just so bright!


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    • Erica

      did u make the apron?


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