Golden Lego Ninjago Homemade Costume for a Boy

This Golden Lego Ninjago took about 1 month to complete. Working on it with free time with the Golden Lego Ninjago figure to guide me. It was a lot of measuring. It was a lot of cardboard box cutting. It was a lot of piecing together and duck taping. It was also a lot of hot glue sticks. Adding the fabric was one of the toughest task.

The helmet was the hardest. Adding fabric to each body part. Then adding the tiny details. This was the finished Halloween costume. My son was very excited. All the work was worth it to see how happy he was. His friends were shocked to see his costume. My son said overall it was easy and comfortable to walk in. The helmet was uncomfortable. Even though he could breath and see clearly through the mask. It was really a challenge seeing it came with no How-To instructions.

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    • Sandi Dobbs

      Rachel, my 4 year old grandson saw this and said it is exactly what he wants for next Halloween and please could it make it for him. Well, what are Nana’s for? Did you make a video or do a tutorial? Even a list of materials would be a great help! Thx


    Child Cost: $50-$100 Individual Man/Boy Costume LEGO More Than a Month Recycled / Eco-Friendly