No-Cost Sexy Homemade Poison Ivy Costume!

My Poison Ivy costume cost me £0 to make!

It’s made up of a nude vest top and a part of tights! I wasn’t keen on many Poison Ivy costumes I had seen, also most of them were leotards and I felt they looked to revealing! So, I had an idea to make something similar to a leotard but by using the nude clothing I wasn’t to naked, I saw something similar to my design on eBay, the girl selling it said it cost her over £300 to make!

The day before I went out I went out locally picking loads of ivy style leaves, next I cleaned them all (killed all the spiders and creepy crawlies!) and picked out the best looking leaves. I painted around the edges in white paint to give a more ivy effect and left to dry.

Next, because I’m a makeup artist I had designed a pop art comic book style makeup on one side of my face so I wanted my outfit to have 1 leg and 1 sleeve. I cut one of the legs of the tights (a bit to short!) and one of the straps from the top.

After that it was simple , I wore the top and tights as I glued gunned the leaves to my self , using a piece of cardboard underneath to protect myself from getting burnt ( all though I burnt both legs badly and my finger!)

I cut off gems from an old top to decorate the leaves and to decorate the strap made out of the old fabric I had cut off from the top and pinned it on with 2 safety pins. It was so hard to get on and off without breaking but lasted perfectly all night apart from the white paint kept flaking off leaving a trail pretty much wherever I walked!

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    • Obvious Much?

      If you are not ginger, hair dye or wig. Add 8-40 dollars.
      If no tights and vest or just don’t want to ruin what you have, add 10-60 dollars.
      If no sequins or rhinestones, add 2-15 dollars.
      Paint? Brush? Glue gun? No? 8-10 dollars.

      Total Potential Cost 28-125 dollars.

      Oh, and neighbors asking, “what the hell are you doing scrounging my leaves for?”

    • Hand Toppy

      I really do love what you did! You look gorgeous and the costume is beautifully unusual to me…love the way you cut out one leg. Very original.


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