Yummy Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Candy Head Group Costume Idea

For this homemade chocolate candy head costume I used a large balloon (the kind that has the elastic band attached that kids like to bop around, works well) for the mold – just make sure it is a very big one.

I bought wallpaper paste from the store and employ a lot of daily-journal paper. I cut the paper into strips that are about 8 inches long. To make the work easier, you can put the balloon in a bucket to hold him. Apply the glue to both sides of the paper strips, then start covering the balloon. After about 2 layers allow to dry overnight and then apply another 3-4 layers overall. Fix it all with adhesive tape, hot glue and woods on a helmet.

When the head is dry, then wrap it all with golden gift wrap paper. Cut a hole for looking out. Make a photocopy from the logo “Ferrero Rocher”, enlarged it and glue it on the front of the candy head. Finish!

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    • Geoff Brown

      Would it be possible to borrow two of your Ferrero Rocher costumes for a business convention where I shall be handing out Ferrero where I shall be handing out Ferrero Rocher gifts to all the delegates. I would of course be prepared to reimburse any costs involved. Geoff Brown email browngj@me.com


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