Cool Homemade Porcupine Costume

This porcupine costume took about 30 dollars and I won a trophy, first place $100 dollar cash prize, and $40 dollars third place at an Old Hole in the Wall bar so a $110 profit. Admiration and love from strangers as well as friends and family. They want me to go in design business and sale costumes. This was my best yet.

  • fleece jacket- base of the costume
  • drinking bendy straws for quills (1000)
  • white paint – for detailing the quills
  • felt- for face and stomach of the porcupine
  • buttons – choose beautiful ones for the eyes
  • foam paper for details like fur between quills
  • scissors cut and design shapely quills and fur
  • hot glue gun – adhere
  • hot glue gun sticks-adhere

CREATE from your heart and from your mind, let the creativity flow.

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    • Tessa Partridge

      Can you give me more instructions? Want to do this!! It’s awesome :)

    • Ariel Marie

      Yes I would like some instructions also :) Please

    • Kelly

      Me too – can you please share more instructions, especially about the gluing? Did everything stick to the fleece well with just a glue gun??


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