Homemade Mom and Baby Mobile Easter Basket Costume for Halloween

 I am a teacher at a private school and my students loved it during our school’s Halloween Festival. The Easter basket is the part of the costume I made to hold my daughter, the baby duck, and myself the Easter bunny. I used hula hoops and fabric to create the basket. I used my daughter’s high chair to push her around. I used a harness to hold the handle of the basket up. I weaved fabric around the fabric and the rim of the basket. I made cardboard eggs and stuck them onto the high chair. The grass is just sheer green fabric. It was a little messed up in this picture.  I was short on time and I had just put the last part of the costume on Halloween day.

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    A Few Days Cost: $20-$50 Duo / Couple Costume Mixed Ages (Adult and Child) Stroller