The Foxy Fox and Hottie Hound Couple Costume

Think back to your childhood. Recall the countless Disney movie classics that evoked every type of emotion we had. One of my personal favorites was the Fox and the Hound. A tale of friendship that overcomes all odds. This was my inspiration in designing a costume for my roommate and I. As two very different people, we fit the opposites attract version of friendship that the Fox and the Hound had. We created our own tutus with tulle and bought matching tank tops that we covered in fur. To complete the outfit we added ears and tails and painted our faces to look like our characters.

Although, as the fox, I spent the evening enduring many calls for “what does the fox say?” we had a great time and people loved our costume creativity. Although as the night got later, and the college kids got drunker, we did get some interesting guesses as to what our costumes were. My favorite happened to be a rat and a bunny. These costumes were fun, easy, and looked great as a pair!

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    • hannah

      anyone know who these girls are? she looks like she could be my twin in the fox. freaky stuff.

    • Keep your mouth shut

      i don’t know if its just this picture, but i saw it on pintrest & its creepy crazy how much the girl in the fox & me look alike.. although she is prettier & has a diff color eyes but holy cow. Its kinda crazy. cute outfits btw. Just freaking cool!

    • Maria

      I would like to know/see what kind of shoes the fox wore with the costume? I am making a fox costume for my daughter this year and can’t figure out the shoes part.


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