Cute Snowman Costume for Tween Girl

I was really happy with the way this costume turned out — and it was actually pretty easy to make. I made the tutu skirt out of tulle tied around an elastic waistband. The top is a white t-shirt with felt buttons tacked onto it. (I glued on some black jewels to make the buttons glitter like coal.) The scarf and gloves were something that my daughter already had. The basic hat was from the Halloween section, but was decorated with spiderwebs and spiders — I cut those off, and redecorated it with felt and ribbons to match the design of the scarf. The carrot nose was a last minute addition — made from orange fabric, white felt, and a little bit of stuffing that was robbed from a stuffed animal that had a whole in it — but I think it really brought the whole costume together.

My daughter got lots of attention — and as an added bonus, she was easy to see while trick-or-treating since she was all in white. Lots of people thought the costume was adorable and creative (although one person asked if she was the Mad Hatter?!)

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    • db

      Hello, How did you make the nose and add the elastic?

    • Kim

      I made the nose by layering the orange fabric on felt (to add stiffness). I cut both in a triangle and sewed the edge to make a cone shape, then turned it so the seam was inside. (Felt on the inside, orange fabric outside). I stuffed a little stuffing inside to fill it out, then sewed the elastic on by hand.


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