Sexy Homemade Poison Ivy Costume

I first purchased a green bustier on eBay for $7. I then went to a fabric store and purchased 2 yards of fabric for the skirt $2. I also visited Michaels arts and crafts for the leaves, and some green glitter spray paint. I spray painted just a few leaves and sewed them onto the top of the bustier. I used the remaining leaves and hot glued them onto the fabric. I also took a few of the small leaves and pinned them into my hair. i did not sew the skirt I simply tied it around the waist and cut off excess fabric. All in all I spent a total of $25. And wa-la i am Poison Ivy. It was very cheap and very easy. I recommend this outfit to anyone that wants to be super sexy but don’t want to spend $60+ on a Halloween costume.

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    • Jasmine B

      This is sexy, very creative, and most of all, inexpensive! Great job girl!

    • LucyLovesBetty

      You look great! Awesome, inexpensive costume!


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