Coolest Homemade Francesco Bernoulli Costume from Disney’s Cars

Leave it to my son to choose the 3rd or 4th main character in the Disney Cars movie.  The sequel, no less.  My four year old Jonathan wanted to be Francesco Bernoulli, the indy type race car from Cars 2, so away we went.  We started with some sketches, some cardboard, some masking tape, some colored poster board, and a die cast toy as our model.  Several days later, we had our Franscesco Bernoulli costume.  The tires are made from styrofoam rings that are designed for florists to arrange fake flowers which have been wrapped in black postor board. The straps are pieces of old seat belt material covered in red fleece to match the car.  The eyes and smile of the character are made with glow in the dark duck brand adhesive fabric, designed to really stand out at night.  Jonathan used a homemade ‘Candy Fuel’ can to collect his candy.  Our costume was wildly received. We haven’t seen any other ‘Bernoullis’, and the families who recognized him from the movie were very impressed with his design.

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    • vcs928

      This is awesome, and what my 4 year old daughter want to be this year. Do you
      have a template you can share? How did you attach the straps to the cardboard?

      • Dan

        I did not use a template, I had a matchbox car and used it as a model and created it freehand. The Straps are attached with screws to strips of plywood which have been strategically placed and glued in for just that purpose. I’ve done this a couple of times now and have been very successful with this method. Good luck, we loved ours!


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