DIY Illusion Costume: Headless Person Holding His Head!

This Headless person holding his head was one of the easiest costumes I made,  but not to comfortable to wear all night , at the Halloween costume party.  I bought a a double extra large man’s dress shirt and cut out a diamond shape out of the front of it and glued  shelving liner on to it from inside . I even made a a tie to match out of a different color liner.

It had holes in it, so I cold see out of the front of the shirt. I cut out a chunk of Styrofoam and rested it on my shoulders with a notch for my head. I then put the shirt on covering my head. I put a red scarf on top of my head so you couldn’t see my hair. I carried around a head I bought at a Halloween party store. It was simple. I even made a little hole in the front of the shirt and stuck a straw in it, so I could have a drink . It was pretty warm being inside the shirt all night. I did win the contest,  so it was all worth it!

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    Cost: $20-$50 I Won a Costume Contest Mixed Ages (Adult and Child) Several Hours