Cool Runnings Group Halloween Costume

My buddies and I wanted to do a group costume so we decided to be the Jamaican Bobsled team from the movie, Cool Runnings. All you need are a pair of black tights (can be two piece, long sleeve compression shirt and compression pants), yellow/gold beanie and some green, yellow and brown paint. The most time consuming part of the project is painting the top of the tights. If you watch the movie you can see the design that they have on their uniforms and you can mimic the design. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure that all 4 people involved have the same design.

After the tights are painted you are almost ready to go. All you need to do is paint your faces with the brown paint. In order to take this costume to the next level, make a bobsled out of cardboard and paint it with the Jamaican flag on the front. This way you can carry the bobsled around together and it really brings unity to your costume. Memorize some of the songs they sing from the movie and be sure to have an egg for your buddy who is dressing up as Sanka. In the movie, Sanka is always pulling out his lucky egg. It is just a fun prop to have. We ended up winning the costume contest at work with this. Best group costume!!

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    • Really?

      Yeah because blackface is never offensive…

    • js

      Blackface, are you serious? It’s 2014.

    • dimar

      This is a very offensive costume to me.

    • Rachel

      This is blindingly offensive.

    • Shocked

      I don’t know what’s worse. The offensive blackface or the fact that they won a costume contest at their workplace.

    • Samantha

      This costume is beyond offensive. They didn’t have to do blackface to do this costume.

    • stevelikethebird


    • Why


    • tvb

      It amazes me how clueless and blatantly offensive some people can be. This is pretty hurtful..

    • STOP

      Yeah #BlackFace is not cool! You could’ve done it without the paint and people still would’ve known who you were!

    • brookekelty

      Wow……….blackface….in 2014……wow……….

    • Juanita Street

      Take this down! So offensive. They could have dressed as them without painting their faces black. Are you serious. Where do I flag this post. This makes me very upset to see!

    • Gster1337

      There is nothing racist or malicious they are clearly not trying to demean any race in any way, it is a costume…that’s It!

      There’s no different to saying people who dress up as avatar are being racist to blue aliens.

      seriously people like you who are obsessed over the colour of people skin are really the racist ones as that’s the only part of the costume you are looking at
      Stop using the phrase “blackface”, Grow up, get your own opinions and read book!

    • Tia

      REALLY! What’s up with the Black Face?!? SMH.

    • poirotlover

      You are the one who is “pathetic” and you just don’t get it. It is just a costume, yes. But there is clearly a historical context that you just don’t know or understand. The paint in this picture does not look brown, by the way. But, I don’t know why I bother. You won’t get it, rather you don’t want to get it.

    • Nicole

      This is absolutely appalling. I search the internet for group costume ideas and I see this rubbish pop up. Black face paint and black gloves to complete the look. You either lack the ability to EMPATHIZE with black people and their struggles or you are completely ignorant to the historical context of blackface. Either way, you need to take several seats and read a few books because this is beyond me.


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