Electric Mayhem Muppets Group Costume

I have always loved the Muppets and this year I decided to make the Muppets band. These costumes were a great hit at Boston Pizza in Orangeville ON. The whole night was posing for photo`s because everyone wanted one.

I made the heads by paper macheing balloons for the heads, stretching fleece over the heads, and adding fake fur, felt, feathers, and foam-materials that all start with F.

To save money on fleece, I bought those $5.00 micro fleece blankets instead of paying $8.00/m at the fabric store. I used the Dollar Store for materials as much as I could, such as Zoot’s over sized sunglasses, and Animals eye’s which are painted Christmas balls.  There were thing that I could not find in town so I used eBay for Zoot’s blue hair, and the ostrich feather for Animal, and Sgt. Floyd Peppers stash. The ostrich feather was the most expensive material @$5.00/ft for ostrich fringe.

Since October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, I made Muppet breasts for Janice which may or may not have helped us win first place! I have also been asked to participate in the town’s Santa Clause parade with these costumes.

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    • Dave

      very talented! looking to sell them ??

    • Katie

      I was wondering do you have any idea the amount of ostrich feather you had to buy for the animal head? Even a guesstimate? I’m looking to make him in the next few weeks and from looking at different pictures the ostrich feathers look amazing!!

    • Will Page III

      I would love to purchase the animal costume from you!!!! PLEASE!!!


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