Plus-Size Mermaid Costume Idea

I had a bunch of old CDs that I didn’t listen to anymore and as I was going through them to toss them out I thought that they looked a bit like fish scales, and that’s where my idea for a plus-size mermaid costume was born.

I found a green dress at Good Will and my mom helped me cut off the top, put an elastic waistband in and attach tulle at the bottom to look like a fish tail. I then cut up a couple dozen Cds into quarters and found a strong fabric glue to attach them to the skirt. For the top I bought a foam seashell bra colored it purple and sewed it onto a bra and hot glued a bunch of beads on. I topped off the costume with a seashell headband that I made by hot gluing some shells and pearls to a headband. It was fun to make and fun to wear, I got a TON of compliments and won $250 in a contest!

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    • Sherri Savage

      Are you willing to sell your costume? What size are you normally? Please email me littlemisssavage[at]gmail[dot]com

    • Jwills

      Can i buy this from you?


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