Cool Violet from Willy Wonka Costume

This is my daughter she is five years old and I made this costume Violet from Willy Wonka for our campground halloween party which was September 27 ,2014. I made it using a yoga ball paper mache fabric and a red velvet table cloth and gold bottoms . All together seeing as I had the ball papers were free from friends I paid $1.99 for the table cloth and blue fabric was $6.00 ,buttons were .99 cents tights were $2.00 and make up was 1.99 so all together we paid $13.00 . She won first prize at campground fo this costume and she was the show stopper people were taking pictures of her and asking me how much I would charge them to make them one . Someone suggested I enter her in this contest. Thank you . I also hand made another costume for my other daughter and will try to enter her if it does not work I will email the info. Thank you . Here is my contact info .

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    • Heidi

      Your so talented and did such a great job on this. AMAZING…..

      • kim

        Thank you so much . She loved all the attention. We have school trunk or treat here next week and she is so excited to wear it again.

    • Kimberly

      Thank you so much . It was harder than it looked!

    • Brittany

      I’ll be attempting this tonight! Absolutely love it! Can I ask something?: After paper macheing the yoga ball and letting the air out of it, does the plastic stay attached to the paper or come out?

      • Kimberly

        I pulled the plastic out so the inside had time to dry as well . Putting a fan on it helps. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

    • Staci

      How did she get it on and off?

      • Kimberly

        Hole in bottom and hole for head and arms. Cut after it dried.

    • Melissa

      How many layers did you do? And what did you use for paper mache? Did you glue the fabric on to the paper mache when it was dry or wet?

      • Kimberly

        Hi I did 8 layers started of with news paper strip
        then after about 3 layers switched to brown paper which I bought in a roll at dollar store . When ball was completely dry I them hot glued the fabric in side it was difficult but patience paid off. Sorry this took so long for me to reply I have been in hospital. Please let me know if you may have any more questions.

        • Valerie Stanford

          Did she fit through regular sized doors?? Haha. I cannot wait to do this!!

    • Maelle Defer

      Hi! I have a world book day at school, so there is a costume competition. i would like to try what you’re doing, but i’m not exactly sure to understand how. How did you take the yoga ball out once you paper mashed it all over? Also did you just paint the paper mache after it dried? And how did you cut out the holes for the arms and head? Finally how do you get inside it when the holes are so small? I’m so sorry for all the questions! By the way, the costume looks great!!

    • Maricela

      Hi! I am making this costume for my daughter as well, but it looks heavy to walk in. Did your daughter have a hard time walking in this? I did mine with 5 layers.

    • Bethany

      HI Kimberly! I read below, but didn’t understand your answer to the question “After paper macheing the yoga ball and letting the air out of it, does the plastic stay attached to the paper or come out?” – Did you have to pull on the ball when deflating it so that it tore away from the inside of the paper mache? Did this cause any holes or was the paper mache so thick that it held up despite the pulling the ball away from it?

    • Chloe G

      Hello! I am making a pig costume for a play and I was wondering if I could use the same idea with the paper mache ball. I was wondering how you did it. Please reply lol. I am only 12 by the way.

    • Kristie @OurKerrazyAdventure

      Awesome job on this costume!!! She must have been thrilled to have such a fun costume! Great job momma!

    • Lucas Guthrie

      That costume is really cool. You did great. I hope you’re okay with me taking the same idea. Also, did you have to deflate the ball to get it out, or purposely pop it to get it out?

    • Lucas Guthrie

      That is awesome. You did a great job. Are you ok with me using the same idea to make it myself. However, did you pop the ball after paper mache, or did you deflate the ball

    • Melissa

      Hi. I have a question when you paper mâché the ball. How do you get the ball out? Do you leave an opening somewhere? Maybe I am missing something. Thanks Melissa


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