Grotesque Zombie Makeup and Costume

This is my Zombie makeup look… You will need:

  • Liquid latex
  • Tissue paper
  • Stage blood
  • Thick blood
  • Ben Nye Colour Wheel – Death
  • Mehron Fantasy FX Face Paint (white)
  • Red eye liner pencil
  • Sponges
  • Setting powder
  • Castor oil
  • Barrier spray
  • Foundation
  • Brown eye shadow
  • Black charchoal powder
  • Hair dryer


Steps for Applying this Grotesque Zombie Makeup

  • Apply liquid latex wherever you want your wounds to be (I applied it on my forhead, side of the mouth and chest)
  • Apply a layer of tissue paper over top of the latex
  • Rip the edges of the tissue paper (this will make the blending process easier :))
  • Apply another layer of liquid latex over top of the tissue paper
  • Keep repeating this process until desire thickness is reached (i did about 4 layers)
  • Blow dry on cool until latex is no long sticky to touch
  • Apply castor oil over top of latex
  • Apply setting powder with large powder brush (all over)
  • Use your fingers to rip open wounds, i ripped mine around the mouth, and created gashes in the forehead and chest.
  • Using a foundation brush, apply foundation all over wounds and on skin, blend WELL! make sure no tissue paper is showing, you want to make sure everything is the same colour or it wont look real!
  • Take a cosmetic sponge and dip it in the Ben Nye Death Wheel, start with the red colour. dab it onto your skin all over, around the wounds
  • Take a cosmetic sponge and apply brown eyeshadow the same way you did with the red colour. This will create a bruised irritated look.
  • Draw in your teeth using a red eye pencil
  • Colour them with Fantasy FX Face Paint (white)
  • Apply black charchoal powder in the corners of the wounds, to create depth, also outline the wounds and teeth with it
  • Apply Ben Nye thick blood inside the wounds and outside of the wounds (not too much on the outide)
  • Apply stage blood over top for a “fresh bloody” finish
  • Spray with Barrier spray

This look was not easy!!! but I am very proud of how it turned out :)

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