Young Maleficent Homemade Costume

My daughter has incredible eyes and after Maleficent came our, she was set on being the younger version for Halloween. I started with a cream lace dress at Goodwill, and dyed it brown with Rit dye. Then, I bought a TON of feathers (goose and turkey) and dyed them 2 shades of brown.

I used foam posterboard to cut the shape of the wings out, and then added a foam noodle (pool toy) piece on the tops of both wings to support a bull horn.  Then I glued the pool noodles onto the poster board and cut the horn to the right size.  I used skewers to hot glue to the horns, then stuck them through the noodles and then used brown duct tape to secure the noodle to the bottoms of the horns.

To hold the wings onto the body, I measured 1 1/2″ elastic around my daughter’s arms and added 2″ to secure it to the posterboard.  Then I dyed it the same brown as the feathers and hot glued the elastic to the spot on the posterboard that looked right when I held the wings up to my daughter’s back.

Finally, I filled the posterboard up with feathers and about 100 hot glue sticks.

I found the head horns online at Amazon and made the jewelry with leather twine and yellow wooden beads.

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    • Melanie Trevino

      Hi Ana,
      If you’re interested still, I will be selling the costume this year.

    • Melissa

      Did you ever sale this costume?

      • Melanie Trevino

        Sadly, we actually had to throw it away. After a few costume parties and a Disney cruise followed by Halloween, the posterboard wouldn’t hold up another round. It was a labor of love

    • Trisha Jimenez

      I am in love with this costume. You did an amazing job!


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