Best Thomas the Train Toddler Costume

For this Thomas the Train costume, you will need some cardboard paper boxes. A tube to create a nice curve along the top and circle at front. I used an 8″ cardboard tube intended to be a form for concrete columns.

I printed a picture of Thomas’s face off the internet and just used spray paint for the box body and colored duct tape for the striping. The steam whistle tube on the top is just a red solo cup. A pair of suspenders attached to hold the costume on the body and free up the hands. We had so many people taking pictures of his costume it felt very movie star like! He loved it!

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    • BensMommy

      Those a paper plates spray painted and used as wheels. I forgot that info.


    A Few Days Cost: Under $20 I Won a Costume Contest Individual Man/Boy Costume No-Sew Recycled / Eco-Friendly Toddler