Cool Steampunk Zombie Woman Costume

I made everything for this costume except for the Corset. The skirt is a modge podge of fabrics I had in my stock pile the white underskirt is all hand sewn. The Hat is embellished with Gears, Cogs, Fabric, Ribbons Bows skulls and a pair of goggles all items are made by me. My shoes are embellished with keys and gears.The shoulder strap is an old purse strap. I did the half zombie half human makeup myself using face paint, liquid black eyeliner and various shades of green eye shadow…

I used spirit gum to attach 3 safety pins to my eyebrow and added movie quality FX blood over my eyebrow – Final Step adding one white eye contact. This costume was took me about 3 months to assemble, but it was the funnest 3 months I ever spent making a costume and everything just seemed to fall into place and the outcome was Fantastic.

Everyone at my Halloween party just loved all the details of this costume from head to toe! Thank for looking and Happy Haunting too you!

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