Jax Dog Costume from Sons of Anarchy

I’m a huge Sons of Anarchy fan. I think it’s one of the best shows out there today. In fact, my dog’s name is Jax, the name of the main character. I thought to myself that since the show is ending this season after 7 long seasons on the air, I should “honor” it the best way possible. I knew how: since my dog is already named after the main character, why not dress him as the main character for Halloween!

I wanted to make his outfit as close to an exact replica as I could. Because he is a dog, I had to do a lot of measurements to make things his size. A person can go on eBay and buy the Sons of Anarchy patches for human-sized vests pre-made but he needed everything custom made.

I was fortunate to meet an owner of a local mom and pop monogramming shop. I worked with them to find the right size for the patches (which was the hardest part because he’s a small dog) and they created each “name” patch you see (albeit a bit pricey).

The rifle patches on the collar and reaper logo patch on the back were bought on eBay. The reaper patch however was custom made because it needed to be larger than the typical reaper patches (an inch longer to be exact). The vest was the 2nd most expensive part because I could not find a true biker vest for a dog at all. They were all either too fancy, overly expensive, or just the wrong size.

The one I settled on looked perfect but was sized for a small – large dog. It had to be seriously altered (practically cut in half) to make it work but even then it was still a bit large so I worked with my mother (the “seamstress”) to bring it in some in the middle on the back. If you look real close, you can see where we did this but my mother is pretty good and knew the reaper patch would hide most of it so it’s not noticeable!

The “hoodie” he wears underneath was something I already had for him and is part of what the character wears on the show too. My mother was nice enough to sew everything up and down for me and it took a couple of changes but we got it where we wanted!

All in all, it took two weeks from start to finish to complete it. The look of the vest with the hoodie is as close to the character as I can get and all the patches (with the exception of the “Texas” one on the back) are all exactly what the main character wears in the exact locations down to even the same type of font as well.

I “tested” out his outfit, to make sure it’s sturdy enough for him because he’s a very, very active dog,  by taking him to the park down the street from our house and also to a friend of mine’s house that’s near downtown.

Needless to say, people that know the show have to take pictures of him to post to Facebook! I can’t lie either, when he has it on, he’s quite the “female bait”! Women love him. He’s adorable as it is without the outfit but when he has it on, just like the main character on the show, the ladies love him!

A friend of mine had a baby recently and we had some fun by letting the baby wear it too. Perfect size! Too cute! I’ve seen plenty of babies wearing Sons of Anarchy clothing and makeshift vests online, but never a dog.

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    • Samantha Briseno

      How can I get one? I will pay you. This is so adorable!

    • Keeley Miller

      Where can I get this?

    • Phibzy

      cutest pup!

    • Chuck Hill Centers

      Girl, you did a great job!

      I’m a biker, and also a Huge SOA Fan. Coincidentally I just got a puppy (he’s only 10 weeks old and only 2 lbs.), a Shih Tzu. I named him Jax too (before I discovered you).
      (You can see him on my wall.) I’ve been wanting to find leather gear for him, but I need to wait till next spring when he will be full grown.

      Contact me.

    • Maribel

      OH MY GOODNESS! I would buy one from you! Please make me an offer! My dog’s name is also JAX, named after the show.

    • Anais

      I would love to have one of this for my dog Max. Do you have jackets to sell?