Pretty Rio Blue Macaw Costume

My nephew told me one day that I should be Blue from the Disney movie Rio. I’m a dancer so I got the inspiration from Rio Carnival – love the colors and they themes. I use yarn because I crochet. I also used Christmas ornaments, dollar store products, rhinestones and feathers plus glitter. I  started making my costume at the beginning of this year and and I just finished with it this month. It’s really one of a kind.

I had a bad experience when my nephew broke my wings, but with all the things life brings you, my costume kept me smiling and kept me thinking of how good I feel.


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    • Tkaayy42

      I love it! It’s so beautiful. I’d love it if you could make me one in green! You’re a very talented lady whose work needs to be seen!

    • lady pink

      OMG! I love this. It is really one of a kind. Wish I had your skills or the money to invest.

    • Taysis

      This is a very embellished costume from head to toe.
      I just love it. It’s so beautiful. I will need one for next year.

    • shawn

      I like that real show girl.


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