Cool Carol from “Where the Wild Things Are” Costume

My name is Steve, and I am an industrial designer in NJ who has a passion for bringing iconic characters to life at Halloween. Carol from “Where the wild Things Are” was one of my favorite characters growing up, who I felt would be perfect for this years costume.

Carol took me 3 days (72 hrs) to create, and stands at 7’5” and weighs around lbs. He is composed of faux furs, felts and various foams for structure and shape. Carol’s mouth is where I see out of, and a small exhaust fan makes for a cooler head environment.

It’s a lot of fun to walk around in the costume since it feels like a moon suit!  The funniest thing is when a dog sees me walking towards them…. They are not thrilled to say the least!

Happy Halloween, and enjoy!

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