Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy is my all time favorite villain!! It took Me many years to perfect her costume to where I felt comfortable. I didn’t like the green stockings and unitard and couldn’t find a green dress the right color. I found the perfect corset and with black leggings and long sleeve shirt all that was left was to find the ivy vines. I wrapped the vines around my boots and tirai and of course being a red head I added a crown of ivy opposed to those weird bun things. Those who have seen the batman movies got it right away (thank goodness for them) everyone else thought I was tree…

Many people thought I was a tree.. I get that but once I said “no, poison ivy” they were even more confused. The people who did understand loved it! I gt many complements ;) all while not being slutty. That was my main goal of this costume. To not look like a slut. Although the corset could be on without the long sleeve shirt for a bit of role play… Speaking of the corset, the one I originally made I dyed green but wasn’t the right shade and I was so thrilled when I found this one online looking for a corset for a different costume.

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