Cute and Easy Rosie the Riveter Costume

I saw a picture of Rosie depicted with Veteran’s Day coming up. The red bandanna caught my eye and I thought a Rosie the Riveter costume would be a perfect outfit to put together.

All it took to put this costume together was a simple blue work shirt, a red bandanna, and some red lipstick. That’s it. I was ready for the night out.

I was warm and comfy all night as it does cool off into the 40s here this time of year.

I made the mistake of buying some cheaper red lipstick and it ended up on my teeth several times.

I was complimented several times on how beautiful I looked without having to play it up and show skin to be noticed. It was a fun costume wear and was easy to pull off on a budget. As well, I was great looking like the proud strong woman I am!

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    • Amber Rey

      I love how simple this is, but yet I knew who she was depicting as soon as I saw it!

    • kimcauler

      She is just too precious.

    • BC Davison

      What a great idea!!

    • steph

      So beautiful.

    • Aaron Reck

      This is a great idea. I love it.

    • Momof2bbs

      I love it! So classy and classic!

    • j.frank

      Great idea!

    • Dusan Slepcevic


    • Stepanie


    • kimkorte

      She looks so cute as Rosie.

    • Brigitte Meehan

      Beautiful girl and great costume for all sizes!

    • Kelly Young

      Awesome costume.

    • Patrick Kenny

      Great photo. Good luck.

    • Bonita Michelle McWhorter

      Great idea! :) <3 it!

    • Miranda

      You look adorable! I love this look. Maybe next year’s costume.

    • Judith Fasshauer


    • Laura

      Great idea.

    • Debbie Gremlin

      Great idea!

    • Carol Cross

      Awesome costume.

    • kezz

      Well done. I’m impressed. <3

    • Debbie Ritenour

      Love it! WTG!

    • Bonita Michelle McWhorter



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