Homemade Chicken Costume for a 6 Foot Woman

Each year, for some reason I am drawn to animal costumes! Maybe it is because I work with a wide span of patients as a physical therapist from 12 years old to 95 years old and those that speak English, Spanish, Somalian, French, American Sign Language, etc. that I feel the need to dress as something that is relate-able across the spectrum. This year, I debated between a chicken, a lobster, and a hammerhead shark before I decided to go for the full chicken.

I went to Walmart and found yellow/orange tights ($5), white shorts ($3), a white long sleeve shirt ($6), red felt ($1), yellow kitchen gloves ($2), and white feather boas ($6). Then I went to Michael’s and got a white head band ($3). I safety pinned the feather boas to the white shorts, glued two “comb” pieces out of the red felt and hot glued it to the white head band, and then found a pair of my old shoes that fit in the yellow gloves. This was quite a feat as I wear a size 11 women’s shoe! A few pair of gloves were sacrificed in the process as my heel broke through the “tough” rubber material.

The morning of Halloween, I woke up over an hour before my husband and he was half awake as he went to get ready for work with a 6 ft chicken walking around the house. He happily took my picture and sent me on my way to work! People at work were happily surprised by my costume, and multiple coworkers and patients were most amused by the feet aspect. I will say, by the end of the day, I was happy to take off the gloves as they were digging into the top of my large foot. If I ever wear this costume again, I would spend more time looking for longer, larger gloves!

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    • Kelly

      A few ideas on your feet. Many costume shops sell already made feet. If you want to stay with make it yourself, try this. Cut down the middle on one side, line up with the center or close to it on the middle finger. Attach to an elastic band the size of your sole. Add another piece of elastic under the arch. It will cut the pressure but stay on.


    Adult/Teen Cost: $20-$50 Individual Woman/Girl Costume No-Sew Several Hours