People Go NUTS for Toddler Squirrel Costume

After much deliberation on what my nearly two year old daughter would be for Halloween we settled last minute on the idea of a “squirrel” since that is what I went as around her age for Halloween. Now, I love crafting and sewing but I am an expert by no means.

I went to the fabric store and bought furry fabric in white and a mottled brown color hoping the color would be close enough to squirrel-colored. Just getting the fabric cut there left a huge fur mess all over the counter and the poor woman cutting it. I knew I was in for a mess once we got home. I am not a big fan of patterns and typically just wing it when it comes to sewing projects. This has left me with many close to finished projects that I just scrap because it isn’t working. However, I carried on knowing failure was not an option since Halloween was only a few days away.

I began cutting pieces and trying to measure my ever squirming toddler. My upstairs game room which doubles as my sewing room looked like 50 squirrels had spontaneously exploded up there, fur was everywhere. And I literally mean EVERYWHERE. Perhaps the worst part of this costume was the fact I found out what it felt like to cough up a hairball. But with some perseverance and surely a blessing from the sewing gods the costume came together. I prayed it would hold up to my wild child running about in it, but told myself, if it fell apart we could just tell people she was a “zombie squirrel”.

Fortunately, not only did it hold up all night, it was a HUGE hit. I knew it was a success when I noticed we had a crowd forming and random people were taking pictures. As we walked around in our neighborhood people kept approaching us, asking where we had bought it, and several people exclaimed “THATS the squirrel we keep hearing about”. Another man told us we were the “talk of the neighborhood”. Now I have had over 20 people ask to commission one for their child! I couldn’t believe the amount of attention it got and how much my daughter actually loved to wear it, even though the tail was as big as she was. To top it off my husband and i wore “Harpers Pest Control” shirts to let everyone know we were there to manage the little squirrel.

  • Costume Ideas Brainstormer

      Whitney, would you be willing to share how you made this costume? I need junior high-sized versions for our spring musical, Willy Wonka. I have two capable seamstress moms willing to make the costumes…please email me!

      • Whitney Mayo

        Hi I am not sure how to email you through the system but would love to help you!

        • Laken Carriker

          Whitney, can you please email me about this costume at I have a few questions about it. Thank you

        • Natasha

          Hi Whitney can you please add more directions? Maybe to the comments section? Thanks!

        • courtney

          we need this costume! any chance you’re selling it? otherwise, please add me to your list of people to email more directions to. so creative!

        • Kelly Halstead Eller

          Hi Whitney! Can you send me instructions or any tips?

        • Alyssa Matteo

          can I just buy one from you I have no artistic ability

    • kelly

      this is the best costume ive ever seen!!!!ijust curious if there was there a pattern you used to make the tail and what type of form did you use? love it!!!!

    • whyIoughta

      Whitney, I too would love some instruction on how you made this. Please reply…

    • Kelly Eller

      Hi! Love it! Can you send instructions too if you have any tips!

    • Helen

      Hello love your costume you made for your daughter! I’d like to make one too!my daughter is 2! Would like instructions oh how to make this costume :) here’s my email

    • Abby

      Is there any way I can get your instructions to make this? Please email me at

    • Jessica Labby-Gilhooley

      Hi Whitney… just another mom that is in love with your work! Would you be willing to share how you made this costume – not sure I can recreate it, but definitely willing to give it a try!

    • Kathie Krell

      Hi Whitney I would love to make this costume for my three year old neighbor. Could you possibly email me any instructions or hints that you would be willing to share. Thank you.

    • Kathie Krell

      Sorry my email is

    • Lacy Lou

      I would also love directions thank you in advance!

    • Stephanie Samsa

      Hi Whitney! I also have a few quick questions about how you went about making this adorable costume! Could you please email me at please?? I have an almost 2 year old and I HAVE to have this for her!!

    • Kira Bennett

      I’m in love!!! Now I can’t find a costume for my little boy that I like as much. Any chance you would be willing to make and sell?!

    • Chris Harris

      Hi Whitney, Awesome job! I design costumes for kids theater and I am always looking for new techniques. Just wondering how you made the tail and kept it close to your daughters body so it didn’t flop and fall down. Much thanks!!!

    • Jennifer Heiman

      Hi Whitney, Would you be able to share how to make this costume? My email

    • Jennifer

      I would really love to know how you made this. I’m so in love with with it. If could help my email is thank you.

    • Tishauna Stever

      Can you please email me the instructions on how to make this? I know this is an old post but my husband is determined to have this exact costume for our little one.

    • Mickinzie Magarity

      Hello Whitney! Please email me your how to or tips for your super cute squirrel costume

      My 3 year old is set on being a hot pink squirrel! I’ve been on the hunt for faux fur everywhere! Seriously…’ve got the cutest squirrel out there!!!

      Thank You

    • Brooke Henri

      Hello do you have the directions for this? If so, would you please email to Thank you

    • Whitney Mayo

      Hi everyone, I am so sorry for the lack of replies, I hadn’t realized how popular this outfit had become! I will work on a detailed YouTube video that goes over everything I did, I will try and get it up in the next day or so and will post a link! It’s really an easy costume, it took me longer to clean up all the hair from the fabric shedding than it did to sew it, and I’m no expert lol! Thank you all for the wonderful compliments!


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