Cute Pikachu and Ash Couple Costume

To make this Pikachu and Ash couple costume, I pieced everything together. The main piece, the dress, was from American Apparel. Then I found the ears and tail from Hot Topic. I ordered leg warmers online, it’s really difficult to find yellow leg warmers, I found cut off tights at Jcpenny along with a strapless backless bra. I ordered Pikachu nails and poke-ball earrings on etsy and got the make up from party city and yellow eye-shadow from a local makeup store. My mom and I stitched on the Pikachu stripes and tail. Of course my favorite part was finally piecing it all together, the make up was fun to put on, the yellow eye-shadow was a definite bonus and my boyfriend did the nose.

My boyfriend’s part was easy, he just bought an ash kit online. It came with a poke-ball, hat, jacket, and gloves. Put on some jeans and voila, the costume is complete!

We both won the couples contest at a Halloween party. It was a big hit!

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