ComiCon Costume for the Tallest Steampunk Elf Imaginable

My 13 year old daughter is 5’10” and still growing.  We decided we were going to attend the first ComicCon to come to our town.  She wanted to be a woodland elf, like in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  As we started working on her costume, though, she decided that adding a steampunk aspect would be better.  So, the woodland elf became the steampunk elf.

We started with green leggings she already had.  Adding to that, I found a vest-like light green shirt at Goodwill.  We put that over a black camisole for modesty.  I had purchased a green wool cape from Cracker Barrel many months before when it was on sale for $10.  We cut that up to make a jacket, with a long pointed hood.  I added a lighter green ribbon along the edges for a more steampunk look.

Dad’s old belts got cut up and hot glued together to make a leg brace.  Added to that was an old purse, cut up for its’ pocket.  I had a length of leather look fabric that was cut into a “corset”, to which we added grommets and a length of red ribbons.

The top hat was, by far, the most difficult, but also the cheapest to make.  I cut up a cardboard box.  Literally, a cardboard box.  I rolled it until I could get it into an oval shape, cut a brim and masking taped it all together.  Remember that leather look fabric I mentioned earlier; guess what we glued all over that cardboard hat?  The goggles were a dollar store set of safety goggles and a set of magnetic tins.  We used see through binder dividers to make the lenses green.  Rub n’ Buff to get the colors going, and a big package of random gears, cogs, and wheels.

I had previously purchased a wooden bow and arrow set, and the Rub n’ Buff came out again.  She took all the fletching off the arrows and added gears and cogs instead.  A cardboard tube covered in foam sheets and attached to the aforementioned belts made the quiver.  Some Mom makeup magic, and we had the tallest elf imaginable.  We had a great time and she had many pictures taken at the ComicCon.

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